Examples of great class blogs, they just work!

There are some great blogs that can be referenced in understanding how to (and what to) blog with students in a classroom. Being new to blogging myself, and realising how much of a learning resource blogging can be for students, it has been really helpful to check out previous teachers’ blog projects. Here are two that stand out:


This blog is run by a group of teachers in Point Lonsdale Public School, VIC for middle-upper primary students. Its a great blog visually, with the bright colours, outdoors-y playground image in the background, student photos, and colourful funky fonts. The simple layout, organised posts and lists on the sides of the blog provide easy navigation. The posts themselves range from events, to lesson summaries and highlights, to interesting international news items, to upcoming events with an array of complimentary videos, images and links. One of the things I really loved with this blog was the student voice – the teachers post from a student perspective, and as a combined group. Its a great way to engage student visitors to this blog, but also to engage the ‘Learning Legends’ to jointly come up with material that the teacher can then post on their blog.


This blog is moderated by a single teacher for a Year 4 class in Palmerston North, New Zealand. It is different from the above blog in that it focuses on the happenings in this one classroom alone. But that is not to say that it is not rich with student learning, ideas, resources and activities! This teacher has undertaken some novel projects, including a weekly Twitter chat titled Kidsednzchat, where students collaborate with other classrooms in sharing their learning individually, including a student Tweet of the Week. He also integrates some great digital tools like Minecraft and ColorApp into lessons to show the benefits of hands-on learning even for his 8-year old students. Its a good guide of incorporating media into students’ learning from an early age, along with being a helpful site for fun teaching resources.

I can say that I still find it daunting to incorporate media into lessons as an inexperienced teacher. Still, it is helpful to see examples like these to fall back on in starting off. I am sure the students will have as much to teach me as I will to them! Bring it on =)

Some more blogs to refer to: http://edublogs.org/directoryclass/utm_expid=39159420.sTB70DfGTIKG85bY3mRpOQ.0&utm_referrer=http%3A%2F%2Fedublogs.org%2Fcommunity%2F


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